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Delegates have an opportunity to explore a new leadership paradigm which supports their transition from Manager to Leader. 

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"Since meeting Beyond 2030 my life has changed around, I hadn't worked for 5 years and now I'm in full time employment thanks to the Action Towards Inclusion programme - Thank you!"

Fred Handsford – now  loving working

“As with all leisure and hospitality businesses, we face relatively high staff turnover. Challenges include candidates being able to accommodate our shift patterns for 24-hour opening, high customer service expectations and the transient nature of some candidates. Rank is not a well-known employer and we are new to Southend.      

“The quality of candidates for final interview has been far higher with Beyond 2030’s involvement. Candidates are far more aware of the employment requirements of Rank, Grosvenor and a casino. They are also better aligned with our values and know what to expect from the work experience or recruitment process.

 “Staff retention from the first Beyond 2030 programme has been great. The quicker transition to becoming a valued employee, and the confidence recruits have when starting, has been markedly better. All this will deliver an improved return on investment through lower training costs and a faster contribution to the team. We look forward to working with Toni and her excellent team again.”

Nick Boothroyd,  Director of Talent Acquisition, Rank Group

How we do it?

We support Individuals to find their Goals in life. Raise their ambitions and achievements, with the aim to help them realise their full potential. 

We help Public Sector and Community Organisations to untap the talent of the individuals they serve to improve economic engagement and activity.

We help Organisations to build and develop their talent pipeline and the next generation of leaders.

We believe everyone has talent regardless of the circumstance of their birth, education or current situation, our research services and programmes have helped 1000's of individuals and 100's of companies to build their skills and raise their game, we've helped them to find their voice and their purpose, to a job that they really want, to get into Training or Start the Business they have always dream of. 

We inspire and motivate individuals, teams and organisations to achieve their Biggest Most Audacious Goals. 

We go above and beyond to help organisations, teams and individuals transform and achieve more than they ever thought possible.