Chief Executive Toni Eastwood OBE has spent the last 30 years carving out her own career in leadership and business development. Launching Beyond 2030 in 2012, she is the UKs leading Business and Personal Transformation thought leader.

Toni’s got the results to show how her award winning programmes have helped hundreds of businesses and 1000s of individuals, she knows what it’s like to have a huge ambition and leave the familiar behind. Toni’s own Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to make a difference to the lives of a million people by helping them to have the career or business of their dreams.

For her work and contributions to Diversity and Equal Opportunities, Toni was awarded an OBE by Her Majesty, The Queen. She has been interviewed on Sky TV, BBC’s Breakfast, LBC Radio and appeared in articles in various magazines and national media including, Worldwide Who’s Who, The Guardian, Observer, BDaily, Yorkshire Living and many more. Toni’s programmes are developed out of her passion to challenge and enable like-minded individuals and businesses to be XTRA Ordinary.

“We all have the potential to do great things and unlocking potential lies at the heart of what I do. I want to help people to face challenges head-on, build supportive networks and acquire the tools they need to achieve their aspirations. With our proven success and my unique model, you too can reach your full potential.”

The Woman Beyond


One woman’s personal journey overcoming the adversity of a bullied childhood and personal demons. Her resilience and tenacity to turn her pain and anguish into the drive to succeed.

This book is the culmination of her 26 years of vigorous research, unearthing the secrets, tricks and techniques of some of the world’s most extra ordinary people. From ancient cultures and religious texts, western and eastern business leadership, sports psychology and the insight of spiritual gurus, mindfulness and the latest neuroscience. Her studies involved reading hundreds of books and research papers. She engaged with numerous learning and development programmes, hour after hour, stretching and challenging herself all with one aim…
To find and bring to you the definitive secrets and tools to help you realise your true potential, fulfil your dreams and awaken your greatness.

My coaching has been really useful in giving me confidence and renewing my determination as well as gaining clarity and prioritising activities at work and at home to achieve my goals. I have already implemented many of the changes needed to move our business forward including accelerating my original five-year plan. I feel a much stronger person for taking part in this coaching programme.”

Tarnia Hudson, Hudson Moody, Estate Agents

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