It is a terrible tragedy to not listen to your inner voice when you know you are not feeling truly aligned...

We understand how incredibly easy it is to slip into a routine that doesn't serve you...

Perhaps you are fairly content, maybe if you made a list of all of your important areas,  you could tick a few of the boxes and say you are roughly where you "should be" in life...

- Emotionally
- Relationally
- Financially
- Physically
- Spiritually

But lets get down to the real stuff... Where do you actually want to be? What do you feel still needs to be awaken from within?

Imagine a scenario 20, maybe 30 years into the future looking back in regret. I'm talking here purely about the regret of inaction, for not believing in yourself enough, for perhaps needing to be verified by others too much and not focusing on the immensity of what is possible for you.

Don't live with regret...Follow your heart more than your head. Follow your intuition more than the expectations of those around you...

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Delegates have an opportunity to explore a new leadership paradigm which supports their transition from Manager to Leader. Our female only leadership development programme is led by our experienced facilitators and include group participation, 1-2-1 performance coaching and transformational leadership techniques to support delegates to realise their full potential. All supported by access to our performance coaches, webinars and a raft of online support read CPD materials. Click here further information complete the form below, call 01904 652 157 or email us on


Untap Your Talents Now

It all starts with you - right here, right now. Let us help you to secure your Dream Job, achieve your Career Ambitions or set up that business you've always dreamed of.

 If you feel that you are at a crossroads in your life, or you just want to be the best version of you we have the solutions and the experience to get you there.

We can help you identify and achieve the life you want to liveā€¦.

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Why Choose Us?

I didn't think I needed it but boy did Beyond 2030 prove me wrong!
The Visionary Women's Programme created clarity and the reassurance that what I am doing is the right journey. The programme gave me the confidence I need and showed me the importance to take every opportunity that comes.

Lisa Dryden
Owner - Erase, Goole

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