RETHINK, REFRESH, RESTART                                                           LET US HELP YOU TO...                                                        SUPERCHARGE YOUR BUSINESS,                        LEADERS AND TEAMS

Our Spearhead Programmes are tailored to suit your needs. We know what works and we listen to what our clients want.

We’ve helped 100s of businesses just like YOURS to:

• Transform their business and life by living their vision and achieving Big Hairy Audacious Goals

• Engage and involve Senior Leadership Teams to drive home the new vision

• Develop and inspire their front line managers

• Build positive transformational leadership skills

• Accelerate career development to strengthen the talent pipeline.

So if you are looking for a stronger, sustainable business which includes financial freedom, improved personal and business mindset. 

 Look no further…

Programme Summary

Who is it designed for?
Spearhead is a powerful programme to help you to revitalise your brand, develop and inspire your ideas, revitalise your vision and supercharge your service proposition.

• Reinvigorate business vision aligned to company values
• Drive productivity and profitability
• Overcome barriers and limits
• Inspire and develop innovative solutions
• Accelerate Growth

Open Programme – Join us at our unique venue on the outskirts of York where you’ll be joined by no more than 7 other business owners, providing an immediate peer community of likeminded individuals.

Both options provide a high impact, challenging and stretching environment that provides time away from the office and the ‘day to day’, to reflect and review your company vision and purpose and develop your blueprint for success.

How does the programme work?
3 - 6 month programme of approximately consisting of blended learning, face to face workshops, as well as online content to maximise YOUR potential and ensure YOU achieve YOUR goal.

For more information and to reserve your place
Please call our fabulous team on: 0330 223 0379

Our bespoke programme will meet your specific business growth requirements offering you a bespoke delivery option:

  • In-House programme - supporting your business needs from the board and senior leaders to management and front-line colleagues

Course Dates

If you are interested in this programme for either yourself or your business please do get in touch we are happy to meet for a coffee for a no obligation chat about your needs and requirements.

Email: hello@beyond2030.co.uk

Phone: 01904 652157